Gents Dressing Room, Kinross


Create a luxurious hidden dressing room and additional bedroom space off the master suite.


A client whom we’d worked with previously to install a new kitchen contacted us with a project combining design and aesthetics with a requirement for occasional guest bedroom space. They were keen to invest in a dressing room space to make the most of the morning, afternoon and evening light off their bedroom whilst keeping their current layout.

A door “hidden” in the panelling of their master suite was the obvious entry point into this bespoke crafted dressing room. Designed to make the most of the space, full-height wardrobes fill one end of the wall and are fitted with hidden LED lighting. The opposite wall cleverly features a full double bed folded into the run of cabinetry – perfect for use during the holidays when children and other guests may visit.

Finishings included hand-printed wallpaper, gunmetal grey metalwork accents, our signature style wood panelling and an orange suede seat in the dressing room cabinet at the centre of the room. Housing the client’s watch collection, ties, and favourite pairs of shoes was vital to incorporating and building this island centrepiece. It anchors the room and provides seating in a neat, functional, aesthetically pleasing way.

The space is now a grown-up retreat – a place to dress for the day and unwind after work. The shelving inset into the panels is also lit with LED lighting, perfect for displaying sentimental items and providing soft lighting for dressing.


Hidden door entrance

Folding wall bed

Hand-printed wallpaper

Grey matte metalwork accents

LED lighting

Orange suede soft furnishings

Bespoke cabinetry and display drawers

Signature Gopherwood wood wall panelling

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